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Fully booked for Resin for 2024 wedding bouquet preservation, if you're enquiring about resin memorial preservation, please email

2025 -  Availability for all options.

Resin Blocks

Whether you'd like a small representation of your flowers to display, or a large show stopper, there's an options for all. They come in Square, Heart, or Hexagon shapes. 

Please consider the size of your flowers and how many you'd like displayed in your piece. The smallest 10cm blocks fit on average 3 medium sized flowers, or 1-2 large flowers. 

All blocks are 5cm- 7cm deep. 

10cm £180

15cm £260

20cm £340

25cm £420 


Display your flowers from any angle with a sphere. 360 view of your flowers. They're also functional as a paper weight. They come in three different sizes, 8cm is great for one large flower or a handful of small flowers. 10cm is perfect for 1-3 medium/large flowers or up to 8 smaller flowers. The 14cm is the ultimate way to get the most from your bouquet as display piece, it can hold up to 8-10 medium / large flowers or 15+ smaller flowers.

8cm £110

10cm £140

14cm £280


Initials are a more personal touch to flower preservation. These are a unique way to display your flowers, whether it's you and your partners initials, a loved one or a new baby. They're 15cm tall and 4cm deep. Larger flowers may need to be cut down to fit within the letters or petals used as a representation of them. 

F, P are not free standing but they can be secured to a plaque or display shelf. 

£110 per letter

Add ons

These items are perfect for smaller flowers, petals or petal confetti. They make great gifts for your family, bridal party or someone special. 

They're only available as add ons and can not be purchased individually. 

Ring Holder £45

Teddy Bear  £30

Glass Premium hanging decoration with personalisation £60

Silver Keyrings (circle, heart) £25

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