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Your wedding date, surname, mother, father, parents or family can be personalized on your frame. Your date/name is made with small petals or small fragments of petals. They're also perfect for any left over confetti you might have providing it's petal confetti.


Small selection of flowers added to the corners. (18"x7" Perspex front) 

Personalisation is included in the price;

Mr & Mrs, Mr & Mr, Mrs & Mrs, date underneath your name.

*Available in Black, White or Oak

Date/Name Frame £160

You can now add prints to your pressed frame order. These are only available as Add ons and can only be purchased alongside a pressed frame. The photos you see here are all of high quality prints of a pressed frame.

Your flowers will be scanned/ photographed (depending on the size of your frame) and then printed to a high resolution, all inhouse. 

Prints come in two sizes and they can printed with a white, grey or black background. 

A4 £25 

A3 £40

This is an introductory price running until Sept 2024. Please note this is for a print only, frames can be purchased separately.


Bouquet Frames £420

If you'd like to make the most of your whole bouquet as a statement piece, bouquet frames are a great option. Your bouquet will be delicately deconstructed for the drying process. Once your flowers are dry they'll go through the colour enhancement process. Some flowers can change or loose their colour during the drying process, by colour enhancing them they're brought back to their original colour.


Some colours can be a little darker, or lighter to their original colour but I do try and enhance them as close to their original colour as possible. Your bouquet will then be reconstructed in the frame and flowers sprayed with UV protection. To read more on the FAQ's on frames, please head to the FAQ page.

Pressed frames are a beautiful way to capture your bouquet as a piece of art to hang amongst your treasured wedding photos. Your flowers are delicately deconstructed, most petal by petal for the pressing and drying stage. When it's time to design your frame, your flowers will be reconstructed petal by petal again, colour enhanced before being placed into the frame.

Choice of single or double glass 

Available in sizes;A5 £150 (only available as an add on, suitable for single boutonniere/ corsage)

A4 £270

A3 £350

A2 £420

A1 £650 (perspex front)

There's a choice of backing card colour of; White Grey Black

Frame colour choices;

Dark Oak wood (pictured)

Light Oak (pictured)


Dusky pink 


Rustic Grey


Sage Green

Royal Blue

Wooden pressed frames can also be engraved for an additional £30, all engravings are done inhouse. 

Metal plaque engravement also available in silver or gold.

Pressed Frames 

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