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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I send my flowers to you?

Please keep your fresh flowers in water up until the time you send them, don't send any later than 3 days after your special day, this is to ensure I get them in prime condition. It is client responsibility to ensure your flowers are cared for and kept in the best condition, right up until you post or drop them off. I can not be held responsible if your flowers arrive in bad condition.


Once you've booked, you'll receive your booking confirmation through email along with a step by step guide on how to pack and post your flowers to me. I make contact around 1-3 weeks before your date with in-depth packing instructions.

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How long will my order take?

Once I receive your flowers they'll be sorted and treated (if needed), then they'll go through the drying process, this can take up to 6 weeks, this is when the remaining balance is invoiced. . Please expect at least 6-9 months turnover, during the busy summer months this can increase. I will try and get orders done sooner where possible.You'll receive updates once your flowers are dry, when I start your order and once your order is finished. Please note that orders will not commence until full invoice is paid, once your flowers are dried they're then stored safely until it's time for your order to be made, I work in date order. 

Does the preservation process affect my flowers?

When flowers are dried sometimes the colour of the flowers can change, lighter flowers like white and light pink can dry with a beige hue/bruise, brighter flowers will keep their colour well, and darker flowers like red and purple can dry with darker tones. Some Flowers may not keep their shape very well, for example, David Austin Roses usually dry with a more rounded centre with petal pressed against the edges, peonies can dry slightly smaller and flatter. Please note, every effort is made to keep the original shape and colour however some flowers can be unpredictable during the drying stage. White flowers and light flowers will show bruising more when submerged in resin, this can show up looking like translucent spots or petals, this is normal and from how much your flowers have been handled from person to person.

Can any flowers be used?

Not all flowers preserve/dry well. Flowers that hold a lot of moisture like Tulips, Lily's, orchids, Daffodils, Crocuses and Irises do take longer to dry and aren't always suitable for preservation. Succulents don't dry well at all, if they're a feature in your arrangement, I can replace them with artificial ones. If you could let me know what flowers you'll want preserving upon booking. I can preserve air dried and artificial, some flowers are dyed to create a more vibrant colour, if your flowers are dyed this can cause the dye to run within the resin, creating fluid lines throughout the piece or turning the resin the colour of the dye.

Some moulds won't fit large flowers in, if your flowers are too large for your preservation choice, I will use petals. or cutdown your flowers to fit the mould. 

I don't always dry all of your flowers, I will pick the ones in the best condition to cover your full order. If you have large flowers in your arrangement could you please let me know within your order details as these may not be suitable for certain preservation options. 

How do I care for my resin/framed order?

Top flower preservation care tips leaflet is added to each order, these outline the main care tips to ensure your order is kept well. Dried flowers fade quickly in sunlight/extreme heat, resin can also yellow in direct sunlight, please keep this in mind. 

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How much is delivery?

When sending your flowers to me, you'll be required to cover the cost. Once I receive your flowers, they'll be put to dry, once they're dry, this is when the remaining balance is due. The cost of delivery to send your order back to you will be added to the overall order total. Postage is £5- £20 depending on the size/weight of your order, I post office, tracked, for delivery. If your order hasn't arrived, please note that I have to wait 30 days before I can open a case. 

Can I get a refund/return?

Due to the handmade nature of the products I do not offer refunds/returns or exchanges. If your wedding/special occasion date has been changed I can reschedule your date at no extra cost if your deposit has already been paid. If your wedding/special occasion date has been cancelled, your deposit is non refundable. More information on payments can be found on the 'how it works' page. If you've already sent your flowers and you cancel your order, I cannot return them to you. Spare flowers can only be returned if you're collecting your order, I cannot send these back to you in the post.

Other/ T&C's

Every piece has been lovingly handmade, due to this handmade nature there may be some imperfections, these could be dust speckles, uneven edging, translucent spots/petals/flowers, small swirls, micro-cavities/bubbles, dimples, or layer lines, airholes (these will be filled to the best of my ability without losing the shape of your piece) all of these are not classed as defects.


If your flowers go missing, or arrive damaged, I cannot be held accountable. It is client responsibility to ensure your flowers are cared for up until the date you send/ drop them off. Your florist should be able to offer care tips for you specific flowers. I can also provide standard care tips on how to care for your fresh flowers up until postage/delivery.

If your flowers arrive wilted/ dead, they'll be put to dry in their currently condition and I will try and save as many as possible, I will then make contact with you with the following options;

1. Continue with your order - please note if you opt for this option, the visual end results will not be the same as flowers in good condition, there's more chance of bruising, translucent spots and the overall look of the flowers will appear more aged. I may also not be able to fulfil your original order, this may need to be reduced or options changed to suit the condition and the amount of flowers that can be salvaged.  

2. Replace the wilted flowers with flowers from my own selection, these will be as close to your original flowers as possible, or if the whole bouquet has arrived wilted, a replica bouquet can be discussed. This will delay your order as I would need to order replica flowers, this can also involve additional costs of replacing your original bouquet.

3. Cancel your order, if you opt for this option your deposit will remain non refundable.

Contact will be made through the email provided on your booking form. 

I only dry enough flowers to cover your order and a handful more, I do not dry every single flower that's sent, I will pick the ones in the best condition. All flowers for frames are colour enhanced, some will only receive light colour enhance, others may receive a few more coats, this depends on how well the flowers have retained their colour and what condition they arrived and dried in. Flowers for resin pieces are not colour enhanced unless requested at an additional cost, this is due to a different method of colour enhancing.  I can not be responsible for any ageing, fading, colour change due to the condition your flowers have arrived in.

The deposit of £30 is non-refundable. This comes off the remaining balance which is due once your flowers are dry (usually around 5-6 weeks after I receive them). Your invoice and all communication from myself will be sent through email. You'll have 1 month to settle the balance from receipt of your invoice. After this you'll receive 1 reminder per month, after the 3rd reminder, you'll receive a final reminder for the remaining balance. If your invoice isn't paid in full by the end date of the final reminder, I reserve the rights to your recycle your flowers. Please only use an active email, sometimes my emails may go into your spam/junk folder. 

No changes can be made to your order after your flowers have been put to dry. They have been dried specifically for your choices when first contact is made, this is because there are different drying methods used. 

Your flowers are a natural product and overtime can change colour and age, please ensure you keep your pieces away from direct sunlight, away from heat source and anywhere humid/damp. 

Additional pieces can be added to you order once your initial order has been made, I can assess how many flowers/petals are remaining and we can then discuss appropriate additional items.

Should your flowers become damaged or lost due to circumstances or events beyond my control, such as fire or act of nature, I can not be held responsible, any refund will be up to the amount paid to Encapsulated Memories. 

Once you've booked with me, please ensure all contact regarding your order is made through email, messages through social media can get lost and names are sometimes changed after marriage, it can be difficult to identify and match customers to orders. 

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