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Date/Name Frames

Square Date Frame/Mother (26cmx26cm)£80
Long (50cmx20cmx5cm) £120
* please note, flowers usually not added to Mother frames due to the personalisation.


Full Bouquet Frames

If you'd like to make the most of your whole bouquet as a statement piece, bouquet frames are a great option. Your bouquet will be delicately deconstructed for the drying process. Once your flowers are dry they'll go through the colour enhancement process. Some flowers can change or loose their colour during the drying process, by colour enhancing them they're brought back to their original colour. Some colours can be a little darker, or lighter to their original colour but I do try and get them as close to their original colour as possible. Your bouquet will then be reconstructed in the frame and flowers sprayed with UV protection. To read more on the FAQ's on frames, please head to the FAQ page.


£320 (Inside frame can be kept wooden or painted white) -Glass front

Square 12x12inch (9cm deep) - perfect for Aerial view (as pictured left).
Rectangle 11x14inch (9cm deep)- perfect for bouquet style (as pictured right)

*Different frame options, colours and styles can be discussed, prices may vary

Pressed Frames 


Pressed Frame 30x25cm
£170 (only available in black)

More frame options coming soon for pressed flowers.

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