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How It Works

Here's a step-by-step guide on the booking and preservation process. 

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Step 1- Have a Browse and book your date

Firstly, take some time to browse my work, preservation options and FAQ page. I'm also on Instagram and Facebook and show my most current work.  

If you like what you see and happy with the FAQ's, now it's time to book your date. I only have capacity remaining in 2024 for frames and jewellery, please email to book.

For Memorial orders, please send an email to 


Your date will be opened up for you to book once confirmed through email.

If your wedding date has passed, your date is fully booked, or you're booking for a different occasion, please email your enquiry to, there may still be a chance I could book you in.

The £30 non-refundable deposit is to secure your date and will come off the outstanding balance when due.

Step 2 - Communication and sending your flowers

1 - 3 weeks before your date I will make contact to confirm your details and ensure you've received the packing instructions for your flowers. All communication regarding your order will be through email, please ensure that you check your spam folder as sometimes my emails can end up here. 

(if you're using a wedding email address, please keep checking this email after your wedding, unlike most vendors, the majority my communication and updates happen after your wedding).

Please send your flowers to me within 3 days of your occasion (unless we've discussed otherwise). You'll receive postage and packing instructions to your email. Your flowers must be sent next day delivery and they need to include your name and order details, this point is very important so I can identify they're your flowers. I receive between 5-25 bouquets a week, if I'm unable to identify your flowers it could result in them disposed of. 

I do accept flower drop offs, these must be confirmed with myself to ensure I'm available. 

Step 3 - Receiving your flowers and invoicing

Once I've received your flowers they'll put in water for a few hours before being put to dry. Depending on what type of flowers you have, they may take anything from 10days - 6 weeks to dry (you can read more on how the drying process can affect certain flowers on my FAQ page). Once your flowers are dry, I'll take a photo of them and send an update to you along with the remaining invoice through to your email address.  

Your deposit will come off the outstanding balance. The balance can be paid by BACS or Paypal. 


Your order won't be started until the full invoice has been settled.  

Payment will be requested 3 times across a 3-month period, if no payment is received after the final request, your order will be cancelled, and your deposit will also be non-refundable to cover admin costs and drying of your flowers (where applicable)


Late payments can also result in your order being delayed.  

Any communication in regards to your order will be made through email, you'll receive 3 main updates;

when your flowers are dry,

when I start your order,

when your order is finalised and ready for posting.

Other updates may include colour decisions for vinyl, keyring options.


Step 4 - Making your order and finishing touches

Once your invoice is settled, your order may not be started straight away, I work on numerous orders at the same time. Your flowers are stored safely until it's their turn. 

So, what happens during the making process?

Silica needs to be removed from every flower. Resin is then poured in layers every 24-36 hours (depending on the type of resin I'm using for your order), this part of the process can take anything from 24hours -6 weeks. 

When your piece is cured, it can then be demoulded. It now needs to be sanded back, top coated and polished. This part of the process can sometimes take the longest.

My turn over times can be anything between 5-9 months. 

Once your order is ready for postage, I'll make contact to confirm preferred postal address. 

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